Es Cubells

Es Cubells, one of the tiny villages of the island, with an urban core formed by the church and two bars, has a special charm because it is on the verge of a huge cliff. Its inhabitants, as in most of the island, living in scattered around the countryside.

eulalia1 Under the cliffs of Es Cubells and around there are beautiful beaches of fishermen, as Boquer countries, Cala Llentrisca, Es Torrent or Porroig. The town also is a good starting point to visit the Natural Park of Cala d'Hort.
On the way to the beaches down there are wonderful views surprise us that we see on the way down. If important are the neighbors who are engaged in fishing is also important those above and are engaged in farming.
eulalia2 Es Cubells has a strange harmony between the interior of the field ibiza its highest point of the sea and its coasts, clay cliffs and large tracts of pine trees, docks simple fishing boats and big houses ... everything has its place in this town.
Back in Es Cubells one drinking fountain reminds us of another of the episodes of Father Palau over the island. Very near here put a picture in a small chapel and part of the soil of this upland site was turned into a small garden.
Today Es Cubells is not as isolated as before, here are filled with an enviable peace and tranquility. There is also a Carmelite monastery where of course you can buy a palautiana route guidance which explains in detail the life of this religious. An interesting book by the Carmelite missionary and I have had the pleasure of working with some of the photos that appear in the publication.


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