Santa Gertrudis, a town in the geographical center of the island of Ibiza, is known inside and outside of Spain for a meeting place, the host, where we not only enjoy the tranquility original Ibiza, but also regain strength after any of the many excursions along the island can do.
eulalia1 Santa Gertrudis de Fruitera not only is the geographical center of the island of Ibiza, is a reference for those who know that there is another Ibiza, where to spend our vacation.
Its people, its many restaurants and a "climate" special, cause we find a quiet and relaxed atmosphere where you can enjoy the company of our friends and those "sandwiches and sandwiches" that have given so much fame.
The history of Santa Gertrudis have forged men and women of different backgrounds and cultures, even today is still written, we all will be part of it.
Santa Gertrudis de Fruitera, is located in the center of the largest of the Balearic Islands are said Gatza's Well marks the geographical location.
eulalia2 Inclined to follow the traditions, the main square houses the church whitewashed walls and a handful of bars, restaurants and shops, while in the surrounding agricultural landscape dominates the scene, with sheep, goats, and the only farm with dairy cows the island.
It is also a second home for many new residents from the north of Europe and elsewhere who have provided a different lifestyle to the people - we call it bohemian?. Many artists, sculptors and musicians have established here all these years and his works are everywhere - in art galleries and the famous Bar Coast where penniless artists during the hippy era were bartering for food and pictures today hanging from every wall in the bar, art hams compete with a free slot.
Santa Gertrudis has expanded rapidly and caution while in recent years. Elegant homes line the streets modern new town square has undergone a thorough renovation and is now closed to traffic, pedestrians only. They have also opened new cafes and restaurants that complement modern aesthetic establishments lifelong Ibiza.
 eulalia3 Any time of day is perfect for a visit. Craft shops, art galleries and shops of clothes and accessories, there are plenty of possibilities when making purchases before and after breakfast, lunch, snack or dinner.
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