Sant Joan de Labritja
The municipality of Sant Joan, located north of the island, is the least populated of Ibiza. With a population of about 4,500 people, this area has extensive virgin forests and remarkable rural extensions, which maintains a lifestyle based on agriculture. In its mountains, crossed by streams and stone terraces, nature can be enjoyed with great intensity, as with its cliffs and stretches of coastline.

The Municipality is composed of four parishes: Sant Joan, Sant Miquel, Sant Vicent and Sant Llorenç. These are small towns where residents live life with people from all over the world who wanted to take refuge in the more rural Ibiza.

The municipality shares with San Antonio Area of Special Interest Es Amunts, an area of high ecological value where they share a unique flora and fauna. It also offers amazing excursions, such as may be made to the tower defense Balanzat, to the nearby caves d'en Marçà or deposit is Culleram cave, where was found the most important archaeological piece of history pitiusa Punic: the goddess Tanit.

The coast is full of cliffs, interrupted only by some lovely coves, as Benirràs, famous for its hippie atmosphere and percussionists, Es Calo des Multons, Cala Xarraca, Es Calo d'en Serra and Cala de Sant Vicent.
santjordi1 The entire zone of the north of the island is known as Es Amunts, due to its natural characteristics~ the area is abundant with hills, streams and steep cliffs which start at Cala Sant Vicent and end near the town of Sant Antoni and covers an area of approximately 15,000m2, roughly a quarter of the island. The rest of the island is much flatter by comparison, so the name of Es Amunts(‘the hills’) seems appropriate for an area of such particular beauty.

The area of Es Amunts comprises of the highest altitudes of the archipelago with coasts dominated by steep cliffs. On account of that, there are also a number of coves that are difficult to access. In its entirety, the area of Es Amunts is 100 metres above sea level with some of the bigger hills reaching up to 400m. It is the least populated area of the island, due in part to the fact that, at the beginning of the boom in the 1950s, tourists wanted to be situated in hotels that were close to the beach, something that was difficult to achieve in an area as hilly as Es Amunts.

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Sant Josep de sa Talaia
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