Sant Llorenç de Balàfia
  One of the best examples of traditional Ibizan architecture can be seen in the old town of Balàfia. Located a few meters from the village of Sant Llorenç and he can go up in a few minutes walk. The set consists of five farm houses and two defensive towers that make up an area of great archaeological interest. Some towers and houses have white crosses painted on the facade, a ritual that was supposed to protect these homes from any assault.

Sant Llorenç is a small town steeped in history, surrounded by fields and bathed in a wonderful light. Like all peoples, everything revolves around the church, which is characterized by a single arch at the entrance, like the nearby church of Santa Gertrudis. The bell, now located in the center of the facade, was placed at one end. However, in a reform in the nineteenth century, moved to its present location.

The village has a bar and next to the church, a park that has a merenderero outdoors.

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